ScSP General Assembly 2016

Posted 01.09.2016

Agenda for General Assembly 2016

The General Assembly (GA) of the Scandinavian Society of Periodontology (ScSP) will be held in connection with the ScSP Conference 2016 in Malmö, Sweden

Date: Friday 16.9.2016

Time: 17.00-18.00

Place: Niagara, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö University

1) Election of Chairperson and two reviewers

2) Registering of members present in the GA

3) Approval of the agenda of the GA

4) Report of the Board on three preceding years by General Secretary

5) Report of the Treasurer:

Auditor’s reportRelease of the Board from responsibilitiesDetermining the budget and membership fee

6) Elections according to the constitution

The current Board:

President: Palle Holmstrup, Denmark

1. Vice President: Björn Klinge, Sweden

2. Vice President: Ulvi Gürsoy, Finland

Past President: Per David Clee Søhoel, Norway

Treasurer: Per Ramberg, Sweden

General Secretary: Eija Könönen, Finland

Deputies: Jaana J. Järvinen (FI), Bjørn Elling Gulsvik (NO), Margareta Hultin (SE)

Auditors: Kåre Buhlin and Bjørn Elling Gulsvik

The current Election Committee:

Chairperson: Trond Ole Hetland (NO)

Members: Morten Bay Grauballe (DK), Hilkka Pernu (FI), Margareta Hultin (SE)

Substitutes: Susanne Dalsgaard (DK), Helena Hurttia (FI), Lars Walle (NO), Claes Virdeborn (SE)

7) Nomination of Honorary member of ScSP

8) The next congress and GA

9) Any other business.