Message from the president of ScSP

Posted 29.09.2016

Let me - on behalf of the Board and myself - express my sincere appreciation to all our participants. It is your presence at the meeting that makes this organization vital.

Hopefully you also enjoyed the social interactions and our scientific program – in this Scandinavian environment.

Hope to see you all again in a not too distant future. Meanwhile: keep contact with ScSP at our website.

My sincere thanks also goes to Per David Clee Søhoel and Per Ramberg. They are both leaving the Board after much appreciated service to Scandinavian Society of Periodontology.

Finally a special thanks to my colleague in Malmö, professor Andreas Stavropoulos, acting as local co-organizer. The outstanding administrative support of secr. Nisha Pather Olofsson is also very much recognized and appreciated.

Björn Klinge

President of ScSP